Quality and reliability

All HR transformers work under real working conditions along the manufacturing process. The transformers support the reliability tests which prove their durability and keep all the functional parameters along their life term.

For the quality system process, HR Electronica has the technologies, technical and documents which add value to the product, and satisfy the most strict exigencies from our costumers, such as:

  • Control of all electrical parameters at 100%, at the end of the production.
  • Reliability tests for production batch (life term)
  • Climate tests standards and at high pressure.
  • Certificates for the measuring results from productiontest (under request)
  • Measurement equipments calibration.
  • In its continuousquality improvement it has:
    • Qualified "Black-Belts"
    • Master in "Lean-manufacturing"
    • Masters of SMED / KAIZEN / D.O.E. / 6σ