Total integration of ours products

The HR inductive components have the highest quality and reliability levels due to the complete integration of all the parts which compose the final product. Starting from the product design development, mould design for all parts of the product, as well as the productive enginery design. Therefore we can give the best prices and comply with the most strict quality and reliability parameters for the modern electronic industry.

Product design

The complete product design (mechanical and electrical) is carried out in our R+D+I department due to accomplish all the reliability and quality requirements of each product as well as the special ones required by our costumers.

Mould and tooling design

The mould and tooling design and manufacture needed for the injection of all the different parts which compose the product, is carried out in our Engineering Department.

Plastic parts injection

All the plastic parts are produced in our facilities, therefore we have a perfect control of the material characteristics used in our products. Our materials guarantee the performance of the most strict quality regulations, and the environment protection.

Winding in automatic and robotized processes

Our automatic winding facilities are integrated in robotized processes developed by our Engineering production department which guarantee all the parameters of our transformers in their production.

Assembling process

Our assembling processes are structured in continuous lines which optimise the production times and the costs.

Resin process

Our resin lines and curing ovens are optimised for big production series in order to guarantee all parameters: humidity, temperature and necessary duty cycles to obtain a reliable product in all our productions.

Functional controls in the productive process

All the HR transformers production is tested in real working conditions, as well as with the tests required by the approval certifications of each product. We can also apply any special test under costumer request. Our quality and reliability department will suggest you the best test to be taken for any special product.

Laser printing (life-lasting)

Our printing system for the transformers features, is made with laser technology, which assures the permanent identification of our products.

Reliability test by production batches

Due to assure our products reliability, the suitable tests are made by production batches. Some of them are: life tests, thermal impacts and humidity tests at high pressure. Our products always improve in reliability and costs.

Different product

Soft design, minibox packaging for a quality transformer

Innovative body design printed with laser technology to assure the long lasting identification in aggressive ambient.

Minibox packaging which identifies a quality product, manufactured with the highest quality processes.