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Toroidal transformers- Types and features

The standard range of HR toroidal transformers goes from 20VA to 1500VA. The dual secondary configuration, and the wide range of voltages let achieve with serial or parallel configuration any voltage needed.

The toroidal transformers have a lot more advantages than the conventional coated EI. Their use is highly recommend due to the assembly advantages, radiation, relation between volume and currency and other improvements named bellow:

  • Fast and easy assembly (1 only screw)
  • Compact construction, low height
  • Volume and height reduction of a 50% for the same voltage as EI serie
  • Minimum no-load loses
  • Low radiation level
  • No noises along life time
  • Better heat dissipation rate than EI serie
  • Better reliability
  • Vertical assembly with 'L' support(optional)
HR range
20 VA - 60 VA 80 VA - 250 VA 330 VA - 1500 VA 2000 VA - 3000 VA

Design and manufacture features

  • Designed and manufactured according regulations EN61558-1, EN60742
  • Double isolation copper wire
  • Thermal class materials B (130ºC/266ºF)
  • Ambient temperature of 40ºC/104ºF
  • Magnetic core of grain-oriented silicon steel.
  • Primary of 230V
  • Double secondary from 6V to 80V
  • Superior isolation at 5M at 500 Vdc
  • Primary Dielectric strength / superior secondary at 3 KV , 1min.
  • Winding identification for colour references
  • Assembly Kit included
  • Customised models available under request with this form.

Manufacturing process

All HR transformers work under real working conditions along the manufacturing process. The transformers support the reliability tests which prove their durability and keep all the functional parameters along their life term.

Our high level of automation and our wide experience in the inductive components manufacture, let us develop these transformers in robotic lines of assembly and control.