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Range of pure sine waver inverters

HR Electronica has two different ranges of pure sine wave inverters:

The range for domestic use specially thought for domestic use, outdoor such as in a roulette, car caravans... to use with all kinds of applications like domestic appliances, tools... It has all kinds of protections.

The range for professional use, for a more professional use where the critical nature of the applications with regard to harmonic problems, performances, reliability, temperatures environment of functioning, protections... may need.

Comparison of the principal characteristics

General Specifications Range for domestic use Range for professinoanl use
Mechanics of the inverter
Wave Form Pure Sine Wave Pure Sine Wave
Exit tension 230 Vca 230 Vca
Exit frequency 50Hz 50Hz
Maximum Power (continuous way) Indicated in each model Indicated in each model
Over power (60s) - Indicated in each model
Power of peak Double of its maximum power Triple of its maximum power
Input tension 10-15Vdc 11-15Vdc
Tension alarm for low battery 10 Vdc 11 Vdc
Shutdown for low battery 9 Vdc 11 Vdc
Shutdown for over tension on battery 15 Vdc 15 Vdc
Consumption of power in emptiness 2.5% of its maximum power 1W (no load detection)
Capacity >75% >85%
Overcharging protection Yes Yes
Overheating protection Yes Yes
Short-circuit Protection Yes Yes
Take-off with analysis of load No Yes (soft start up)
Detection of minimal load No Yes
Forced refrigeration Yes Yes (*)
Power-on indicator No Yes
"Load Testing" indicator No Yes
"Output half load" indicator No Yes
"Output full load" indicator No Yes
"Output fail" indicator Yes No
Wall Mounting Yes Yes (**)
Remote control No Yes
Dimensions (for IB-1000W) 24x23x8 cm 36x21x11 cm
Weight 3 Kg 4.8 Kg

(*) Due to the mechanical difference of the inversors, those of professional range are not refreshed by them directly in the chassis of the equipment but spendthrifts incorporate for such an effect. Better temperature of work for the same powers.

(**) It is a more practical system.

(soft start up) Analysis of the load connected in the moment of connection. If it detects anormalies does not start to unspill.

Range of modified sine waver inverters

The range for domestic modified sine wave.- suitable for domestic and car use with equipment that can accept some voltage fluctuation. These inverters provide mobile power at a more affordable price and come in full range of sizes.