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Conventional transformers- types and features

The range of standard HR conventional transformers goes from 2,5VA to 18VA, builded in primary for 125V and 220V. Them cover the wide range of classic transformers used in most of countries. In our standard range there are aviable the setups of simple, dual and center tapped secondaries for tensions from 4,5V to 24V.

Our assembly system and impregnation guarantees a mantaintment of the specifications of energy performance and funcionality what make outstand the HR transformer in the most reliable ones of this classic technology.

HR Range

C3814 2,5 VA

C4215 4 VA

C4817 7,5 VA

C4821 9 VA

C5419 12 VA

C6021 18 VA

Design and manufacture features

  • Manufactured according regulations EN61558, EN60590, EN60742, UL 506, UL1585
  • Double isolation copper wire
  • Two-chamber coil
  • Coated with dried oven varnish class H (180ºC)
  • Thermal class materials B (130ºC/266ºF) or F (155ºC/311ºF) optionally.
  • Ambient temperature of 40ºC/104ºF
  • Primary of 125V-220V
  • Configurations of single secondary, dual secondary and center tapped.
  • Isolation Prim./Sec. superior at 5 MOhm at 500 Vcc
  • Dielectric strength primary / secundary superior at 3 KV, 1min.

Manufacturing process

All HR transformers work under real working conditions along the manufacturing process. The transformers support the reliability tests which prove their durability and keep all the functional parameters along their life term.

>> Total product integration

Our high level of automation and our wide experience in the inductive components manufacture, let us develop these transformers in robotic lines of assembly and control.

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